Offshore, coastal and inland waters bathymetric and sediment / sedimentary mapping
Port , dam , lake and rivers making bathymetric and sediment map
Underwater seismic and geophysical surveys
Precision positioning and navigation systems simultaneously
Marine construction for geophysical studies and surveys
Measurement of the marshlands
Hydrographic (bathymetric)
• Port security of ships in the inner sea bed map making,
• Determination of the route of marine pipelines
• Before the creation of the Harbor Construction seabed map
• Dredging before and after map construction,
• Marine fill, excavation cubic / Metering Determination.
Hydrographic Hardware
• The main features are located in the Automatic Data Acquisition System
• Used in the position measurement, satellite systems such as GLONASS receiver
• Measurement of the vehicle to be driven gyro, compass
• Numerical and graphical outputs used in dual frequency depth gauge to measure the depth of the location and depth of information consists of a PC or notebook computer to be stored support in a software
Hydrographic Software
• Pre-measurements
• Realization of Measurement
• Realization of Measurement
Geophysical surveys
Oceanographic surveys
Topographic surveys