Founded in 1995, OK-AN UNDERWATER MARINE GENERAL HIZ. SAN. TIC. LTD. Sti. underwater and marine services in the field of domestic construction projects abroad, gives commitments and consulting services.
Our company has the class certification international UKAS-DAR CERT ISO-18001, ISO-14001, IACS UR Z17 ,ISO9001.
Modern equipment, expert staff are always continue to work without leaving their customers over the technology to provide the best service. Starting in 2012, our country due to the cyclical needs changing technological products, our country has added to the inventory and at the distributor. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY is first parameter for the our company.

  • Industry Diving
  • Marine Construction
  • ROV Projects
  • Oceanographic and geophysical research.
  • Bathymetric studies
  • Ship-Aircraft-Helicopter rescue
  • Wreck Salvage
  • Deep diving services (Satürasyon)
  • Pipeline construction and inspection services

Our company is working with last technical equipment and professional team.Our custumers are really important to us.